Does TRABECULECTOMY meet the 10-10-10 challenge in PACG, POAG, JOAG and Secondary glaucomas?


Does TRABECULECTOMY meet the 10-10-10 challenge in PACG, POAG, JOAG and Secondary glaucomas?


Ramanjit Sihota, Jyoti Shakrawal, Talvir Sidhu, Ajay K. Sharma, Tanuj Dada & Veena Pandey 



Evaluation of the intraocular pressure (IOP) lowering efficacy of trabeculectomies over > 10 years and their ability to stabilize glaucomatous optic neuropathy.


In total, 181 eyes (136 patients), which underwent trabeculectomy (10 min surgery) at least 10 years prior and were on regular follow-up, were evaluated. Qualified/complete success was taken as criteria A: IOP ≤ 12 mmHg, B: IOP ≤ 15 mmHg and C: IOP ≤ 18 mmHg, with all > 5 mmHg, with/without medications. Target IOP in advanced glaucoma is about 10 mmHg, therefore trabeculectomy 10-10-10 challenge!


The mean age of patients was 46.32 ± 11.50 years. Absolute success was 50.27%, 54.14% and 59.66% according to criteria A, B and C at last follow-up, while qualified success was 70.11%, 81.77% and 96.13%. An IOP of ≤ 12 mmHg was noted in 34, 64.15%, PACG eyes, 14, 73.68%, POAG, 15, 65.22%, JOAG and 64, 74.42%, secondary glaucoma eyes. The reduction in IOP overall was 64.83 ± 16.80% at last review and was 59.47 ± 16.07% in PACG, 62.40 ± 17.72% in POAG, 71.89 ± 8.50% in JOAG and 67.74 ± 18.10% in secondary glaucoma eyes. “Target” IOP was achieved in 97.29% of early glaucoma, 85.71% moderate glaucoma and 70% severe glaucoma eyes. 97.24% of patients were perimetrically stable. 2.21% of eyes post-trabeculectomy had a shallow anterior chamber needing surgical intervention. Visual acuity was maintained or better in 93.92% of patients, with a cataract surgery performed in 6.63% eyes. A repeat trabeculectomy was performed in 3.31% of eyes.


Trabeculectomy 10-10-10 is achievable in the long term, with few complications or repeat surgical interventions in the majority of POAG, PACG, JOAG and secondary glaucomas. Therefore, trabeculectomy should not be relegated to a last resort, but should be undertaken as soon as possible, if medical therapy is inadequate, unaffordable or compliance is an issue.

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Year 2020
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DOI 10.1007/s10792-020-01289-5